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berch 05-20-10 07:46 AM

older trek 1100 worth $175?
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Just saw this ad for a trek 1100. it says something about 6061t6...i believe that indicates something about the frame material though i'm not sure what. i do know the frame is aluminum.
as far as age, the sellers don't say but i'm guessing early 90s? if anyone has a more educated guess based on the photos, let me know!
anyway, is this thing worth $175?

Ex Pres 05-20-10 07:52 AM

It's worth it if it's in ready to ride condition - cables, pads, tires, tubes, chain, rings and cogs. And nothing is stuck, like the stem or seat post. It could be late 80's to very early 90's. A look at the paint scheme page may help you date it quickly, otherwise scour the brochures. There is some limited AL bike info on the site.

m750rider 05-20-10 07:52 AM

If it's your size, and everything is in good shape, needs no work, I think it's worth it. Not a steal but OK value.

miamijim 05-20-10 08:02 AM

Originally Posted by m750rider (Post 10839446)
Not a steal but OK value.

+1. Its a fair price.

wrk101 05-20-10 08:18 AM

Good price for a bike that small. But you better be pretty short, that is a small frame.

USAZorro 05-20-10 08:40 AM

Moving to appraisals

EjustE 05-20-10 09:08 AM

It's either an 89 or a 90 and they were practically identical. Alloy frame with Cromoly fork, Suntour edge index components with a triple. +1 not a screaming deal, but if you like the way aluminum rides and needs no work, you could do worse.

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