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ptle 05-20-10 06:57 PM

Old Pinarello Dolomite 12 speed road bike
Any idea how much this buy is worth? I was thinking about getting it. All the guy says is it's a 26" 12 speed bike. It includes and extra set of rims.

From the pictures it looks to be in pretty good condition.

fahrrad streber 05-20-10 09:30 PM

For sure worth the $100 he wants for it! If you're looking for a more realistic vaule, the matrix tubing and 105 components are a negative but the fact that it's a Pinarello is a huge plus. I'll defer to the more knowledgeable opinions, but I'd guess ~$400, maybe $500 if you're willing to wait for the right deal. If that were in Nashville it would have gone within the hour of posting.

5cagm 05-20-10 09:32 PM

+1 to the above

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