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sdubs10 05-24-10 06:03 PM

Bianchi Advantage
Trying to get some info on this bike. Not sure how proud of myself I should be - is it a true find or an average bike? Any guess on the year? Got it for a reasonable price, and it's in rideable condition and I plan to make some updates and additions for commuting.

Pictures are here

EjustE 05-24-10 06:14 PM

Nice, lugged hybrid frame. Looks like a nice versatile bike and you can set it up in several ways from commuting to touring. My guess on the year will be 1986-1987, because that was about the time those Sakae Roundtech chainrings (Sakae's answer to Biopace) were made and by few years later, the frame would be Tig-welded and not lugged. Great find, enjoy it. Not sure what component group you have there, but you might want to upgrade to Shimano Rapidfire STI shifters (M500 or better) circa late 80s/early 90s, because they will make your life much much easier.

sdubs10 05-24-10 06:25 PM

Thanks for the info. It has Shimano SIS shifters. It shifts pretty nicely currently, especially considering the age you put on it!

Bianchigirll 05-24-10 06:31 PM

nice looking Advantage. the '89 Bianchi Advantage was the first true hybrid bicycle (unless you count the '86 Volpe)

this fabulous looking red one with the art deco Bianchi decals looks like a '90 model. despite being mostly equipped with Shimano it was specced with that SR Powerring crankset. while I was looking this up I was suprised to see it only has a HiTen frame and fork which I find puzzling.

they were great bikes and we sold quite a few of them. the original sale price was about $350 or so.

sdubs10 05-24-10 06:39 PM

Thanks for the info. Truth be told I'm already in love with it, and look forward to putting a lot of time and elbow grease into it.

Bianchigirll 05-25-10 07:19 AM

good I am glad to here you like. now that you are hooked on Bianchis here is the place to get all your Celeste needs

jakdedert 07-13-11 03:00 PM

Advantage mixte
4 Attachment(s)
I just picked up this one, a mixte frame, for my daughter. It was only $20.99 from a local thrift store and looks to have been a garage queen, let out in the weather for a short time.

Suntour XCT group w/Diacompe cantilevers; Araya wheelset.

At first glance, it only looks to need a tuneup and new pedals, before passing it to my daughter to ride to classes. I think I did all right.... :)

Anyone tell me what year this might be?

Bianchigirll 07-13-11 03:25 PM

I would say that is a pretty good deal if you just need a tune up and some cleaning.

looks like a '91 model.

jakdedert 07-13-11 03:39 PM

[QUOTE=Bianchigirll;12924043]I would say that is a pretty good deal if you just need a tune up and some cleaning.

looks like a '91 model.

Thanks, Bianchigirl. I have a similar-vintage red Main Street which is my daily rider. I call her Bianca. ;) She cost a bit more ($25) than this one, and needed a LOT more work, but I love her.

The Advantage will replace a much newer Raleigh M20, on which the daughter blew the fork seals. It was an ok bike, but didn't hold up to her usage. Since the seals aren't replaceable, it would cost a lot more to fix that one...although I might, anyway (new fork).

I think she's gonna like this one better.

jakdedert 07-13-11 05:10 PM

"Looks like a 91 model."

That's good, because the new owner is a '90 model herself....

jakdedert 07-13-11 06:56 PM

Looks like Bianca has a new little ssister
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I've got a long way to go to match Bianchigirll, both in quantity and quality, but we're building a family stable. This is Bianca, my Main Street daily driver in front of the new/old Advantage. The Advantage was rideable as soon as I pumped the tires, although it still needs a little tweak/lube job.

Jeffreyman81 07-09-19 12:45 PM

Bianchi advantage . Cant post pics to get advice please help LoL
I have a bianchi that i am trying to find out as much info as i can on it. Can i send some pics to someone here since i am not allowed to post them? Thanks

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