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patbright 07-26-10 01:35 AM

Womens Western Flyer
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Hey I don't know too much about this bike. If anyone knows the model or year that would be a great help. I am considering restoring this bike, but I'm not sure how much I should put into it. I was also wondering if it ever had a tank on it or a rear rack. Thanks for any help.

Esteban32696 07-27-10 05:42 AM

Probably late 50's - early 60's. Not worth putting a lot of money into. If I were going to try to sell it, I would make it rideable, then clean , wax, remove as much rust as I could, then offer for sale for about $75-100 , & see what happens.

patbright 07-28-10 05:47 PM

Thanks, anyone else have any input?

unterhausen 07-28-10 06:54 PM

depends on how well it cleans up I suppose. Huge numbers of these bikes were made, and I'm not sure how popular they are. I would be really surprised if you could get $50 for one, but I almost never see one for sale. Your only hope is that most have them have gone out on bulk trash day and they've become rare. But I'm thinking that if they became valuable, the market would be flooded with them.

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