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sauze 07-30-10 03:32 PM

Miele Frame some Campy + Shimano components
Hey everyone I ask for your humble opinion, with my knowledge slowly gaining I'd love to attempt to 'build up' a bike. These photo's are from the sellers ad online, the price he listed is $175 0B0 and it's been up for sale since around the middle of June. So I guess the main question is , what's it worth / what would you pay?

The Original Ad Pictures:

It's certainly not in fantastic shape, there's some surface rust. Also Tange 900 tubing? I've searched around the forums a bit and it sounds like it was a 'middle-end' tubing? This assumption accurate?

quote from seller (who seems like a nice fellow)

" Shimando 600 Brakes, Shimando 600 Front Derailleur only, Shimando 105 Shifter, Campanolo 9/16x20 Crank Arms, Campanolo Brake Levers and Camponolo Delmondo Handel Bars. The serial number on the frame is #CS510372. If you like what you see make me a reasonable offer."

EDIT: Also NO rear derailleur included but I have been talking to someone else who's got a Nuovo Record RD (and a few other things) for sale (no idea if it would 'fit' however)

The one's sent to me:

Torchy McFlux 07-31-10 04:36 AM

Tange 900 was kind of lower-end CrMo from Tange, but still decent stuff. Double-butted, I believe, and very comparable to their popular Infinity tubeset.
That bike likely had 600 stuff on it all the way around to begin with. It wouldn't have been speced with any Campy or Cinelli. (Which is what the bars and stem are.)
$175 sounds steep. It's an incomplete mish-mash of parts on an old, low-to-mid-range frame. That crank looks like a late-80's Chorus, but it's probably pretty scratched up and missing the rings. I'd pay more like $100. Check for cracks, dents, or bends first though.

Im Fixed 07-31-10 06:56 AM

Ya I agree for 175 you should be able to ride it home. For example I sold one a month back mint all shimano... light action... for 2 bills

wrk101 07-31-10 12:03 PM

There is a reason it has been for sale for months. The price is ridiculous. In that condition, $50 max. Incomplete bikes, in so-so condition, with lower grade frame construction (Tange 900), have minimal value. Its best if picked up by someone who has the parts/time/skill to rebuild it. If you have to buy the missing parts, it just won't make sense. And the Tange 900 may be just limited to the main tubes. Fork and stays could well be high ten steel.

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