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RMMJ 08-01-10 07:03 AM

1987 Cannondale SR500, 63cm. Any value, or donate it to charity?
I just bought a new bike to replace this (about time!). Given the age, is it worth anything? I figure I could donate to a kid's charity or something if I can't sell it.

Wanderer 08-01-10 08:24 AM

Many taller people are always looking for taller frames. You can probably get decent money on Craigslist.

unterhausen 08-01-10 04:26 PM

I'm not sure that it's exactly the same bike, but a friend was selling something similar on ebay, and decided to pull the auction. A number of people contacted him in distress because they had wanted to bid on it. You hear that large bikes don't sell, but apparently that's not exactly true

Hard to judge what yours is worth without pictures.

Ruffinit 08-04-10 01:01 PM

Cannondales will sell. Unless it's trashed it will fetch over $150. Just sold a '90 SR frame/fork with a very used 600 gruppo for $175 in two days. The bike was fully disassembled and the paint was rough. It sold without wheels, saddle, stem, post, chain or bars.

I'd advertise it as a 25"/63cm frame.

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