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Mr.Bianchi 08-23-10 02:58 AM

Someone pleae HELP in determining value of 2005 Celeste Bianchi Pista Frame only...
I am thinking of buying a Celeste Bianchi Pista frame from someone. It is in good condition, nothing is included except a crank. some slight paint rubbing on the top tubes but nothing major. Just would like to hear what you guys/girls think of the value. Here is a pic of it below.

Thanks again!!!!

Mr.Bianchi 08-23-10 03:00 AM

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Here is a pic...

tmh657 08-23-10 07:16 AM

Bikepedia lists it as tig welded CrMo so the frame material is nothing special. If it's in great condition and straight, no dents maybe $100 depending on where you live but personally I wouldn't pay that. Do you have all the other parts to make it a complete fixed gear?
You can buy a complete brand new Mercier or other Asian made fixie for less than $400.

I just read about the paint rubbing.. Make that $50.

miamijim 08-23-10 07:32 AM

Complete bike MSRP was in the $550-650 range depending on the year. Factoring in the 33%+/- profit margin your looking at a whoesale price of $375-425 for a complete bike. Factor in depreciation and your in the $100 range for the frame and fork.

Bianchigirll 08-23-10 08:02 AM

I would agree. what you need to do is strip the decals off and then put some cheap wheels and cutdown flat bars then you can sell it as "Custom Bianchi Pista" for about $900 LOL.

but seriously $100 sounds good I think alot of the CL prices you see for these are way out of line with what the bike cost same with the San Jose.

need better pics too

Mr.Bianchi 08-24-10 12:31 AM

Thanks everyone for your replies...I am located in Toronto, and the prices here are just crazy...I just looked on CL south of the border to see if the prices are a little better (which they are) but I guess still a little high. Seller was asking 250 for the frame, but he knocked it down to 200.00. I don't want to ask him to lower it too a 100.00 as I am sure he won't sell it for that.

Thanks again everyone!


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