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beebe 09-04-10 08:59 AM

Some Schwinn expertise needed.
A used bike on my local Craigslist. It's described as a 80's Schwinn frame. They put a surly cog in it and fixed the freewheel, and they say the original steel wheels are on it (though I thought you were supposed to throw away the rims when you relace steel?).

Can anyone tell me what kind of frame it likely is (hi tens, crmo)? and if it's worth $125? I'm looking for something to turn into a lightweight commuter, and I'm wanting a decent frame to build on.

Here's a picture, sorry if the hotlink is bad:

Bianchigirll 09-04-10 11:08 AM

where do you live? for $125 to 200 you can likely do better for commuter.

what the seller is likely refering to is they removed the multi cogged freewheel and did a hack job of making it a fixed gear bike. if he is selling it for only $125 I doubt he rebuilt the wheel.

if we knew where you lived perhaps a local reseller can help you. do you really want a fixed gear for commuting?

OH since all the decals are removed, without better pics there is really no way to tell what kind of frame that is.

wrk101 09-04-10 11:19 AM

Since the seller stated it originally came with steel wheels, it is a bottom of the line, high ten steel frame. I can't recall a single cromoly frame Schwinn that came with steel wheels.

Is it worth $125? Not to me. Not worth $50. I love vintage bikes, but once you remove the decals, rattle can the paint, my interest drops quite a bit. Add to it that it was a bottom end bike, that is cobbed together, no thanks.

beebe 09-04-10 11:25 AM

Thanks guys.

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