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zachdees 09-04-10 12:22 PM

Vintage RALEIGH Record !
it has no rimss no derailure on back but has one of front
has some cables
one on front shifter none on brakes but has lines on every one of the cables
its in good shape couple dings here and there

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wrk101 09-04-10 02:20 PM

Worth very little in this condition. Record was a bottom end bike, so even complete, they do not have a lot of value. Yours is not complete. Maybe $25. If dings = dents, less.

roccobike 09-05-10 06:30 AM

Less value than the Schwinn you posted. This is the bottom end of the Raleigh line-up. I had one, was my first real road bike. You get extra points for removing the POS Huret Alvit rear derailer, IMHO the worst rear DR ever made.

Doohickie 09-05-10 07:58 AM

That's a mid-80s Record (when Raleigh of America was Huffy). It came with a Suntour derailleur.

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