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beebe 09-06-10 11:16 PM

Bianchi Premio
I found a bike advertised as a late 80's early 90's Bianchi Premio for $175. They say it's in excellent condition except for busted shifters (I'm thinking the shifters but not derailleurs). They mention Miche cranks, I don't know if those normally came stock or what?

Is it worth it? I'm mostly interested in finding a decent frame for a commuter, if the drivetrain is junk, I'm alright with trashing it and making it a single speed or a kickback, but I'm trying to stay below 600 bucks or so.

EDIT: Oh yeah, here's a pic:

Bianchigirll 09-07-10 07:39 AM

Hello Beebe welcome to the forums. not a bad looking bike but clearly (to me atleast) a mid '90s. the Meche crankset as well as front hub are stock. the bike appears to a '95 with a mix of shimano 300/400EX parts. the tall stem makes me nervous, either the seller is small with a real bad back or to tall for the bike.

I wish I could see a better pic of the otherside of the bike but I kind of agree that derailleur is likely not broken but just needs adjusted or a cable. (the derailluer is not visiably hanging of the frame and the chain does not look slack so I do not think it is broke)

I think 175 might be a good deal for this but never hurts to try and haggle a bit. I would get rid of that stema dn get a tune up and you should be all set.

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