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kayble 10-18-10 07:09 PM

How much are Mavic GP4 wheels worth?
I have a mavic gp4 front and real wheel. Both in really great shape. Has any one got an idea of how much I could sell these for? Might take the cog off the rear.



Ex Pres 10-18-10 08:45 PM

What hubs? And tubulars I presume?

Bianchigirll 10-19-10 06:06 AM

Hello Kay and welcoem to the forums.

I agree with Ex we do need some more info. GP4s are tubulars and real great all around one at that. (bit heavy for cat 3+ racing though)

what brand hubs and are they cassette or freewheel? if I was a gambling girl I would say, judging from your other post, that these are freewheel hubs. unfortunatly they are not worth too much. if the hubs are Campagnolo (esp High/large flange) or some other high end hubs there may be some value in them. can you post a few pics?

kayble 03-21-11 06:47 PM

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the front hub is campagnolo, the back is mavic
I have added some pictures.


kayble 03-21-11 06:51 PM

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Force 03-21-11 08:09 PM

Rear rim looks like a GP4, front is Ambrosio. Hubs are nice. Do you see any markings on the freewheel? My estimate is $75-$100.

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