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baconmaster 11-10-10 01:38 PM

Schwinn Hollywood
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Hey guys! I was given this great bike, but sadly I just don't ride it due to my living conditions (top floor, heart of Hollywood- I want a mountain bike :) So I was thinking of selling it, but then I realized I do not know the first thing about vintage bikes. Can anyone here help me appraise this so I have a better idea before entering that stage? I was told it was worth a fair amount, but I really have no idea. It rides really smoothly, and doesn't appear to have any issues other than the fact that it's old and could use a new paint job.

wrk101 11-10-10 02:56 PM

Take the special effects off the pictures. I can't really make out key details.

Value is all about condition. I think I see quite a bit of surface rust, if so, it doesn't have much value. A quality paint job will cost as much or exceed the value of the bike when it is done. So needing fresh paint would be considered a major defect. Regardless of paint condition, someone will want it, it just is a matter of price.

baconmaster 11-11-10 12:50 PM

There aren't any special effects on the photos, it's just low light. I can take some cleaner ones in the daytime.

Thanks for your reply- do you have any idea what year this bike is?

DavidW56 11-11-10 07:52 PM

You can find out how to date the bicycle by its serial number at this website:

baconmaster 11-15-10 10:16 AM

Thanks David!

Wisco 11-16-10 08:23 PM

If it rides well and has good rubber, $150 isn't out of line in a big city. Those bikes are indestructible and still appeal to many as grocery getters.

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