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kfm 11-15-10 10:31 AM

Vintage De Rosa Pista


Can anyone verify that this is actually a De Rosa frameset? The rear triangle was rebuilt at the time of a re-paint. Decal set is from the 70's, the frame is supposedly from the 80's. No serial #.

I have poked around a little and haven't been able to verify the authenticity of this frameset, outside of what is found on

Thanks in advance!
See above link for pics.

repechage 11-15-10 11:28 AM

The captioned text indicates a new fork, which it does appear to have, and probably some work to the rear triangle, it reads between the lines like it was reborn after a big wreck.

Happens all the time in the vintage race car world, but bike folk get all in a twist about it.
Worth the price? Not to me, but the $1300. asking I think is at the top of the market.
The earlier transfers work but are not period.
I think the chrome rear triangle is more questionable, I have seen chrome forks on a number of DeRosas but not chrome rear ends on track bikes.

kfm 11-15-10 12:41 PM

What he means is that the rear triangle & fork were chromed, but supposedly the fork is original.

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