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illest 11-16-10 06:04 PM

Fuji Cottered Crankset. Worth?
So I'm trying to get ride of some bike parts i have. It's a old Fuji Cottered Crankset 52/42 in decent shape w/ BB and pedals though i dont have the pins for it. Would 30 be fair for this?

treebound 11-16-10 07:21 PM

For someone looking specifically for that you might get lucky. Otherwise turn it into a clock and hang it on a wall. I'd say $30 would be way high, but EBay has surprising results at times. And without the cotters your buyer will have to know where to get them, and if the buyer knows where to get cotters then they most likely won't pay $30. Your geographic location will have some influence on your success.

Just my 2cents worth, sorry.

wrk101 11-16-10 07:38 PM

Would $30 be fair? No. Is $30 possible in the crazy world of ebay, absolutely. Might get lucky and get $50 for it. Doubt if you could sell it locally for $30.

Need to take pictures of the spindle and cups to show they have no or minimal wear. Worn out bb parts usually have no value. But if they are in good shape, then it might help swing the deal.

illest 11-16-10 09:09 PM

Thanks for your guys input, really appreciate it. I guess ill let ebay find it worth.

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