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sauze 01-05-11 01:13 PM

1967 CCM Centennial - F&S Torpedo Duomatic Kick Back Hub
Other than a few broken spokes (and damaged/torn head decal) and a general grime layer the bike seems to be in great condition. Coaster brake, duomatic hub, both work. While it's tough to tell by the crappy single pic the wheels/fenders probably need the most work. I'm wondering if CCM collectors (they exist?) would have some interest in the bike given the fairly special model.

Honestly I'd love to re-furb and ride it but it's just much too small. I realize it probably varies a lot but anyone have a decent idea what it's 'worth' ?

unfortunately this is currently the only picture I've currrently got , I'll update the thread tonight/tomorrow morning with more complete set, finally got a new camera!

gurry 01-05-11 03:24 PM

Is that the original seat? WOW! Spokes and a good cleaning\waxing should fetch the money. Don't waste your time on stuff like new grips or tires.

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