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spats 01-05-11 10:46 PM

Can anyone make out what this is?
Took a few photos. Maybe someone will recognize the signature. If you do I would appreciate it. This is an Italian bike.

realestvin7 01-07-11 01:23 AM

You'll get more hits in the C&V forum. Lots of know-it-alls there.

spats 01-07-11 10:12 PM

Thanks, I will try that.

bikemanbob 01-08-11 07:11 PM

Hey Spats:

Cool Signature; unfortunately I cannot help you. However, if you move your posting again to "Classic and Vintage," someone will likely help you. This section is for people wanting to know values. When you move it, just don't ask "What is it Worth?" Also, include pictures of the whole frame (even if they know the bike, they are going to want to see the whole frame). Also, tell how you came into possession of it (classic people like to know the story). Thanks.

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