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Carlito408 01-15-11 05:10 PM

1995 Bianchi Veloce
So, I'm a bit of a newb, and this is one of the candidates for my new road bike.

1995 Bianchi Veloce, $850

What do you think? Any help's appreciated.

Bianchigirll 01-15-11 05:46 PM

do you have any pics?

wrk101 01-15-11 07:10 PM

Newish bikes tend to be valued based on the original MSRP. That bike had an MSRP of $1300. So the asking price is 65% of MSRP, which is really high for a 15 year old bike. Realize that many buyers didn't pay MSRP, year end dealer close outs can be really sweet. A bike 15 years old will be valued more like 40% of MSRP, if in really good shape. $850 should buy you a really top of the line bike. Keep looking.

Carlito408 01-15-11 09:13 PM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 12082818)
do you have any pics?

No, sorry. I saw it at the LBS.

Bianchigirll 01-15-11 10:03 PM

OH it was at the bike shop. that may explain the price but I agree with Work it is a bit over priced.

thirdgenbird 01-15-11 10:07 PM

those bikes had a decent frame. if the components have been updated, it may be worth the money. if it is stock and very clean, wrk101 is probably spot on.

Carlito408 01-16-11 12:07 AM

It's at a shop where the price is usually negotiable, too.

wrk101 01-16-11 07:40 AM

Originally Posted by Carlito408 (Post 12084087)
It's at a shop where the price is usually negotiable, too.

40% of $1300 is $520. So that is quite a bit of negotiating. Shops can charge over market on used bikes. Bikes that I sell for $300 around here, the shops get $450. Buyers are more comfortable buying from a shop and pay a hefty premium for it. Its not like the buyer is getting something different/better rehabbed/or whatever at the shop I am referring to, as they are selling bikes for me, and put them side by side with their regular stock.

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