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you 01-17-11 01:21 PM

Worth of 88'-89' Schwinn Voyageur?
Hey there. I've spotted a small late-80s voyageur with new tires and tubes on craigslist (it's a bit of a hike, so I haven't seen it in person). The seller says the paint is in poor condition, but otherwise is in good operating condition. His asking price of $265 seems high compared to other areas, but seems pretty normal (even cheap) for the inflated market in the SF Bay Area. I suppose ebay is another option, but it seems like the worth of these schwinns is becoming common knowledge, and with shipping and all, this voyageur may be the most affordable entrance into bicycle touring. What do you think?

wrk101 01-17-11 02:00 PM

"Paint is in poor condition": that can mean anything. Hard to value without seeing in person. The number one thing I look for in a vintage bike is the condition of the frame: paint, decals, scrapes, dents or dings. Addressing serious frame issues can be cost prohibitive. Addressing other issues is less costly (if you are creative in sourcing parts).

I paid $75 a similar vintage touring bike with paint in really poor condition, and I overpaid (I ended up stripping the parts off it). In really nice condition, it would be gone immediately in a hot market, and in a few days in a regular market.

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