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jmagruder10 01-18-11 05:14 PM

1890`s track bike wood rims
Well with all the old track bikes showing up on here lately made me think out one of my old bikes. This is a Brown & Lewis bike made in Chicago. The only information I have found on the web about them is the were in business from 1896 - 1898 The front rim has been rebuilt and is very nice. The rear rim need some work, not broken , out of true. Fixed gear skiptooth non original bars. Unknown crankset. New Departure front hub, I can find no markings on the rear hub. What is it worth?

jmagruder10 01-20-11 06:49 PM

Anybody got any ideas?

Scooper 01-20-11 07:01 PM

I'd try Copake Auctions. IIRC they have an estimating service.

jmagruder10 01-21-11 06:48 PM

Thank You I will try that.

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