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brian3069 01-19-11 10:26 AM

Peugeot ?
Peugeot, Super Vitus tubing. This is for the frame, fork, and headset only. Seller claims the paint is very good. Any idea what model this is, and of course how much is it worth?


miamijim 01-20-11 07:21 AM

As it sits about $150. Typicaly I'd say ~$200 but its an '84

1984 PSV10 with the seat tube mounted seat post pinch binding bolt.

brian3069 01-20-11 08:14 AM

Thank you.

Chombi 01-20-11 02:14 PM

That looks like an SS/FG....
Check if it had not been irreversably "fixified" (rear derailluer hanger not sawn off, shifter and all other baze-ons and cable guides still present...etc...) If they are gone, the price goes down quite a bit IMO, to about 100 bucks max., as it still has the nice Super Vitus 980 tubing.
Complete, original, close to mint PSVs can still go for as high as around the $300+ level on a good day, and they are starting to appreciate every year as C&V riders and collectors are starting to look for them.


auchencrow 01-20-11 07:17 PM

PSV10's in their original form are desirable bikes: I sold a 63cm a few years ago for $300 in a heartbeat. (It was in superb original condition). If I had another one today (I probably would not sell it ) but if I did, I would price it closer to $400 than $300.

The Vitus 980 frames are exceptional, and some of the details (like the engraved Lions on the fork crowns, leather wrapped clips, etc) are just wonderful.

- If, however, the bike was irreversibly altered, then I think it would make more sense simply to part it out. (There is a good possibility that this is exactly what the seller is doing, if he is not including the wheels etc with the bike)

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