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Brad Bedell 01-31-11 06:29 PM

1951 Raleigh Dawn(?)
I've had this gem for about 24 hours now. I'm not 100% certain on the "Dawn" It has 26" wheels. It's a 1951 for sure, based on the serial number (17018-BD) and the hub date...

Beyond that, I'm not certain why it survived. It's pretty beat up (bent).

Due to the age, is it worth saving? AKA, fixing/restoring. The top tube and down tube are bent, as well as the fork. The cranks are also bent, I spent a little time making them a bit more straight, but they should likely be replaced. also. I had a hankering for a bike of this nature, should I just go shopping and find a good home for this one?

It does ride, the previous owner got it from her Uncle, she then stuck two tires and a new inner shift cable wire and chain on it. Why the bike shop allowed her to spend any money on it at that point is beyond me.

Small photo here:

The rest, full res are here:

Opinions, thoughts suggestions?

Veloria 01-31-11 09:48 PM

These are good bikes, but if the frame is as bent as you say I do not see the sense in restoring.

mkeller234 02-01-11 12:52 AM

Yes, the bends are pretty obvious. The frame is not worth restoring unfortunately but the parts are worth holding onto. The rod brake bits and Raleigh branded parts and 26 tpi headset and bottom bracket are probably needed by somebody.

Brad Bedell 02-01-11 04:21 PM

Okies... If I part it out, I'll keep the frame for practice repair.

Brad Bedell 05-31-12 12:43 PM

Dragging this one thread up from the dead. I never did anything with the bike. It's just sitting outside the house slowly rotting. It would still ride with air in the tires. I will give it to someone if they wanted to come get it. (or I can drop it at a local bike shop for shipping that you arrange/pay/etc)

I'm in Flower Mound TX, (just north of DFW airport)

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