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twolve 02-05-11 09:38 AM

What is this fuji?
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I was wondering if anybody could help me identify this bike and help me what would be a good offer to make for it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

auchencrow 02-05-11 10:03 AM

It looks like an S-10 Special Racer.
Original Belt saddle, really great DRs(VxGT Luxe), Barcons, and nice condition.

Assuming jt is road ready, I would estimate full market (in Spring) at $175-200 if it has Ukai alloy rims (from 1975). (Maybe 125-140 if not.)

beech333 02-05-11 04:16 PM

Special Road Racer from 1975 or 1976.

Have the pump pegs been cut off? Decals missing, but barcons are a plus. Belt saddle looks to be in good shape. I'd wager $150-200 if it is ride ready condition and has alloy rims.

juls 02-07-11 01:01 PM

I'd bet more than 200. Also depends on the area. Even tho its a hi-ten frame; the saddle and barcons fetch some bucks. Also small frames-go higher.

twolve 02-08-11 02:31 PM

Thank you guys very much! That is very helpful.

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