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dwellman 02-11-11 05:58 PM

Mavic rim quandry.
Ok you Classic and Vintage bike geeks:

Can anyone give me a brain dump / sit-rep on Mavic Reflex clincher and are they anything to write home about or just another rim among rims?

I have a mismatched pair (32 /36) that have been laced but not really ridden much (maybe less than 30 miles). Trying to decide what to do with them. Leaning towards keep, but. . . .

I guess right now, the optimal would be able to trade the 36 for a 32 for my other hub.


jet sanchEz 02-11-11 09:24 PM

I have a set of these laced to some Shimano 600 hubs and they are excellent wheels---light and very durable. I think I remember hearing that they were the precursor to the Open Pro but I could be wrong on that. Regardless, they are definitely keepers but, if you have to part with them, you could probably get $50 or $60 per rim, depending on their condition. If you sell them as a wheelset, much of the value will be dependent on what hubs you have laced them to.

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