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twolve 02-24-11 03:32 PM

Motobecanes, grand record?
Hey what do you guys think of this? Is it a fair price for this bike?
It has a 531 frame which I read was good material, and the same for dura ace as well. Thanks a lot!

Bianchigirll 02-24-11 03:54 PM

nice looking bike, 531 and DA.$(KGrHqZ,!m!...Z4ltN!~~_3.JPG

wrk101 02-24-11 06:45 PM

Paint is pretty mediocre (check the picture of the fork). I would pass.

twolve 02-26-11 12:46 PM

Thanks, I passed on it. You were right, that paint didn't look too hot wrk101.
Going with the Motobecane theme, what about this one?

I searched here and it seems odd with the shimano and 1020 tubing. Thanks for your help! You guys are great.

Picchio Special 02-26-11 03:34 PM

That Grand Record has mojo, even with the poor paint. Heck, even because of the bad paint - just the kind of bike I like to find: rides and functions great and nobody wants to steal it. But maybe not for 4 bills.

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