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The_Herb 02-28-11 01:03 AM

Volkscycle Mark XX
Hey I recently purchased a Volkscycle Mark XX. All I know about it is that it has 27'' wheels and I believe the frame is 56cm. The guy I bought it from said he bought the bike back in the 70's, rode it a few times and then just ended up hanging it upside down in his garage till he sold it to me. So it looks to be all original, shimano 600 parts. From what I have read some were made in Germany and others were Japanese imports. Mine looks to be a Japanese import. Other than that I am all ears as to any new information on this bike. How much do you guys think it is worth? Thank you in advance!

And now time for pictures.

Captain Blight 02-28-11 03:01 AM

That is one serious time capsule the bike was in!

Sorry, probably not intrinsically worth a lot. It's got stamped-steel dropouts and honestly, nothing about it jumps out and smacks me. At the used-bike shop where I work, we'd probably put it on the floor for sale at 250-300. I'd say its major value lies in being in such spectacularly good shape for a Bike Boom Bike.

You should send pics in to the Old Ten Speed Gallery and you'd be a shoe-in for Old-Ten-Speed-Of-The-Week! The chrome on the pie-plate isn't even scuffed.

Esteban32696 02-28-11 06:07 AM

WOW ! Looks new ! Scroll 1/2 way down this link & there is some info about one.

The_Herb 02-28-11 11:57 AM

Thanks for the reply guys, more information is always appreciated.

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