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Cadyfatcat 03-13-11 05:44 PM

Raleigh Super Course MkII
I have a bunch of old bikes I picked up here and there I'll be posting them when I get a chance to see what they are worth. This is the first, it is a little too small for me so I will probably sell it. The frame has a fair amount of scratches and some small aesthetic rust spots. The drivetrain I believe is original, Huret derailleur and it shifts smooth as butter. Let me know what you think:

Here are links to pics


Frogbutter 03-13-11 07:32 PM

If this is any idea I gave $85.00 for this a week ago and it came with a Brooks saddle.
It needs tires and its ready to go. It looks like yours may have a bit more rust and wear then mine.
So $50 to $80 range for yours in MHO.
That is a price for my area, I have no idea where you are from.

cudak888 03-13-11 08:13 PM

I concur - $80 in the condition shown; no more. Cleaned up and brought back to original specs as per what a C&V'er would do, around $200-250.


auchencrow 03-13-11 10:10 PM

I would concur with the 200-250 estimate based on the paint, but I don't think it is the original drive train - it appears to me that someone took the trouble to upgrade to a Stronglight 93 crank set. - And is that the tip of a Huret Jubile rear derailleur I spy? I could be wrong but it looks like it's sticking down further than a Challenger.

A drive side photo would help.

Anyway, those cranks are very desirable and in decent condition, those DRs are are selling for $75-100 or even more by themselves.

cudak888 03-14-11 08:29 AM

With Raleigh's penchant for parts swaps, I wouldn't be surprised at a Stronglight 93 from factory.


Cadyfatcat 03-18-11 02:39 PM

Sorry for the delay, here is the drivetrain.

auchencrow 03-18-11 04:49 PM

Originally Posted by Cadyfatcat (Post 12379040)
Sorry for the delay, here is the drivetrain.

Kurt could be right about Raleigh's penchant for substituting parts, but if they had a shortage on the day yours was built, it got quite an upgrade. That is a 93 Stronglight. :thumb:
The derailleur is not a Jubile as I thought - looks like a Huret Challenger (another really good DR but not so pricey).

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