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zazenzach 03-21-11 08:13 PM

Did I Get a Good Deal?
So I picked up this 1986 Fuji Sagres awhile back for only $100. I feel like i got it for a steal, what would you value it at?

most of it is original, but the saddle is not original and the drops and downtube shifters were tossed and had risers with suntour friction thumb shifters

Quad butted VALite Tubing
Suntour Lepree front and rear derailure
Sugino Gp cranks
Nitto Headset
Selle Royale saddle

only asking now, because i went to my LBS and he had the exact same bike (except all original with drop bars) and he is selling it for $350

(PS, i threw on the fenders and lights after i got it)

auchencrow 03-21-11 09:12 PM

At $350, the Bike shop is overcharging for theirs, but for $100, you did well.

All it needs is drops, levers, and DT shifters, and it will look just like the catalog photo!
So good score, zazenzach - The fenders were a good addition too. I think you will have many happy miles with this bike.

zazenzach 03-21-11 10:34 PM

Yay :)

Salt Air 03-22-11 03:08 AM

Thanks for the s # link ! I picked up a 84 the other day .

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