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bikenut2011 03-26-11 08:01 AM

1975 Schwinn Voyageur II
approx 58cm, red, new condition. seller wants $500, is that out of line? looks to be a gorgeous bike. Has a leather brooks saddle, looks at least as old as the bike



auchencrow 03-26-11 12:57 PM

Some good info from the Roadbikereview forums.
(It's worth more than $3.50 you can be sure.)

FWIW, I would think the '73 World Voyageur and the Schwinn Voyageur II are about equivalent to each other.

big chainring 03-26-11 01:02 PM

Thats a steep price, but a very collectible bike. I've seen others asking similiar prices for Voyagers. They dont have a lot of appeal to me but if its something you've been looking for and really want I dont think $500 is out of line, if its truely in "new condition".

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