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Machine Age 03-26-11 07:05 PM

1986 Trek 1200, no wheelset, lots of pix
I bought this bike with the idea of putting Albatross bars on it and using it for a fast commuter. Unfortunately I discovered that the frame is too small to have the bars where I want them and still have reasonable stem length. Bike measures 58cm c-t-c (but I think Trek would call it a 60cm since by then I think they were measuring c-t-t).

It's been sitting here in my house not getting used, but I have a soft spot for the bike and I like having it more than the maybe $200 bucks I could get for it. But then I never ride it and could use the space. But what if I can't get even $200 bucks? That would be depressing since the money would be quickly gone and then so would the bike. But on the other hand, I never ride the bike.

These are the thoughts that go around and around in my head when I think about this!!

It is truly in amazing shape with barely a chip in the paint (except for at the dropouts) and rides light and stiff.

Here are the particulars. I'm using the wheelset for another bike (the set in the photos was just for the pictures). Would love any thoughts on asking price for the bike. Here are the particulars:


--Component group upgraded to Shimano RX100 including brifters and brakes. Original Suntour Sprint 9000 fd and rd in great shape. Sakae cranks and rings. New clipless pedals (Forte brand of Performance Bicycle)

--New Shimano BB. Couple of hundred miles on it max.

--New cables and housings everywhere.

This bike is a rider. Here are the pictures:

wrk101 03-26-11 07:46 PM

Excellent strip candidate, or find some wheels for it. Around here, with wheels, $275, maybe $300 tops. But parted out could be an easier route, get just as much for it, and no additional $$ spent on wheels. Those RSX brifters are popular, ditto the Sprint derailleurs.

As is, maybe $150, then the buyer parts it out. Your choice.

Bianchigirll 03-26-11 08:25 PM

how does it shift? do I count 9 cogs?

pdxtex 03-26-11 08:36 PM

west coast prices are probably different i suppose but with decent wheels and a paint job that nice it would easily sell for 400 bucks in the NW. id buy it for that much with the right wheels. you could get at least 150 for that frame in that shape in portland.

Machine Age 03-26-11 08:53 PM

Well that's all good news! @bianchigirl, yeah it's a 9-speed Ultegra hub but I just put these wheels on for the pictures. 9-speed won't work with these shifters. I'm not actually sure if the shifters are 7-speed or 8-speed. When I got the bike it had 6-speed Dura-Ace Uniglide cassette and everything worked fine except the RD stop on the high gear end would limit derailleur travel and the extra upshift click would just put more slack in the cable. I guess that means they're 7-speed.

I hate to part it out but maybe it's time for a garage sale.

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