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mackailough864 03-28-11 06:43 AM

1976 Panasonic DX2000 31 inch MEN'S racing Bicycle
In Excellent condition,all black in color leather seat and handlebar tape all other parts original.Always kept inside.All Handmade in 1 week! Factory Rep Measured me for this bicycle and returned 1 week later to Mystic,Ct Now Live in Upstate of South Carolina. What is this bike worth? Still cleaning after years of not...Serial numbers found...frame-8F16193 Small Made in Japan Tag -4118 seat is made by IDEALE

wrk101 03-28-11 09:53 AM

Without pictures, no idea. Highly doubt it is a 1976. Date does not have much impact on value. Is this spam?

mackailough864 03-29-11 06:35 AM

This is not spam! I bought this bike when I was a kid and cannot find any information on it except that this bike was made exclusively for the Japanese Olympic Team!

Poguemahone 03-29-11 07:31 AM

I doubt it was built for the Japanese Olympic team. Panasonic may have built team bikes for the Olympics at one point, but I'll bet it wasn't a DX-2000. The DX models are eighties (every one I've seen is), and the 2000 is low on the Panasonic totem pole. We likely need pictures. It will be a very problematic sale due to frame size, if it is indeed that large. 31" frames would fit someone about seven feet tall. Large frames are very hard to move. Another reason for pictures. And what components does it have on it?

highhung723 03-29-11 08:44 AM

He probably means 31" standover height.

Kobe 03-29-11 08:59 AM

Are you sure it is a 1976? In 1986 Panasonic made a Team Japan but it was not black, 1985 they made a black Team.

deleterious 03-30-11 02:43 PM

He didn't say *which* team. Maybe it was for the basketball team. Oh wait, they didn't have basketball in the Olympics yet then... Volleyball?

realestvin7 03-30-11 04:26 PM

You guys scared him away. Lol.

mackailough864 03-31-11 07:08 AM

I will post pictures tomorrow.

mackailough864 03-31-11 07:11 AM

It is truly a 35 year old DX2000 All black All Handmade 31 inch Frame...

juls 04-02-11 02:38 PM

2000 on Ok cl for 285.

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