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justintiger 03-29-11 06:49 PM

St Etienne bicycle question
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I have a vintage St Etienne men's bicycle minus the rear wheel and was wondering if anyone might now how I could sell it and what price would be reasonable (frame and parts). It's from the 70's and has visible wear but works fine (minus the missing wheel). Any thoughts?


big chainring 03-29-11 06:53 PM

Craigslist would be the best way to go. Ask $100 and take a reasonable offer over $50.

nlerner 03-29-11 07:21 PM

First, you're posting in the wrong spot. Requests for value/worth should go here:

Now, as the proud owner of a St. Etienne (the second one I've had; the first was too small), I can tell you that yours is quite low end, perhaps equivalent to a Peugeot UO-8 but without the name recognition. Without a rear wheel, in the Boston market you'd be hardpressed to get $50 for it.


sykerocker 03-29-11 08:45 PM

Definitely low-line Bike Boom product. Looking at the lines, braze-ons, foil decals, etc., it's virtually identical to the Roger Riviere I own. If so, it was built in the Gitane plant. The rear derailleur has been substituted, I assume the original Simplex Prestige died (you've still got the front one and levers). I'm assuming Weinmann brakes? Light isn't good enough to make out details for sure. $50 at most. And I'd be interested more because I love cheap French Bike Boom bikes, not that it's anything special.

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