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megarot 04-01-11 10:46 AM

Schwinn World Appraisal
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I've done my research enough to know that a 1980's something Schwinn World was lower on the totem poll and that the rear derailleur - a Suntour Honor wasn't exactly the best either (but from what I've read still a decent quality)

But after a look at the pristine paint and condition of this bike is it anywhere near $190?

septacycles 04-01-11 02:37 PM

In my area... I could sell that to a college kid for $150 to $200 because of the "cool" factor. Personaly I would pay $100 for it maybe a little more maybe a little less depending on how much work it needed.

tugrul 04-01-11 02:40 PM


Assuming those are generic new tires, it's been tuned up, and bearings repacked, it should be closer to $100 than $200.

wrk101 04-01-11 05:08 PM

+10 No, no, no.

megarot 04-01-11 09:11 PM

Ok I didn't get it after all. The standover height is too tall for one even if I could have negotiated a better price.

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