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permy7 04-09-11 12:26 PM

Vintage Hawthorne
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could anyone suggest a fair price for this bicycle?? its a Hawthorne (Montgomery Ward). i've looked on CL but have found a large difference in pricing.. links below are some comparables, and i've included a pic of mine. i'm not trying to make out like a bandit, but don't know what price tag to put on it at a swap meet next week. downsizing my collection, and this is one of the 5 or 6 i will be taking. rides fine, paint and chrome are good. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Bianchigirll 04-09-11 05:25 PM

it is hard to say what the value is. selling a bike like that is not like a selling a road or mountain bike. you can't really do much with it but run errands, well you could take it for long rides but it is not practical.

condition and location are big factors. also a bike like this is old and therefore must be valuable.

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