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mycin 05-26-11 10:50 PM

Any idea what this Canadian-built Raleigh is?
I can't find a serial, but the front brake is a Weinmann Vainqueur 999. Anybody recognize the geometry and decals?

brian3069 05-26-11 11:08 PM

Mid 70's Grand Prix

mycin 05-27-11 06:37 PM

Thanks - what features did you recognize? Are there Raleigh of Canada catalog PDFs floating around?

This 1977 one on Sheldon Brown's site agrees with your identification, but the only photo of a blue/silver Grand Prix is a really small one of a mixte frame.

Michael Shaw 05-27-11 09:08 PM

And the way the seat stays wrap around the seat tube at the top looks awfully familiar. I think that you may have a Carlton Raleigh frame from Worksop. Just my thoughts.

auchencrow 05-27-11 09:21 PM

I doubt that it is Carlton Worksop build. More likely a c. '77 Nottingham or even a Holland Gazelle Grand Prix, based on the non cottered crank and multi-colored tape flanking the blue panels.

ricohman 05-28-11 08:48 AM

That frame was shared with the Grand Prix, Criterium and others built in Canada. Its no workshop frame and the material is plain steel.
I still own a Canadian Grand Prix and Criterium.

jeepr 05-28-11 04:02 PM

Record? I know they had that color scheme.

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