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KONA1984 05-28-11 07:08 PM

New here & have a question about some old bike parts
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My second post - I was in the introduction area today and a chap on the Forum here said someone here may be able to help with my old bike parts.

I haven't riden in a while and was cleaning out the garage - I found a couple of wheels I had built for me in 1984. I used them in the Ironman Triathlon Big Island 1984. They seem to be pretty sturdy...spokes are all tight. The wheels are Aspin Tubular...hubs Campy Record. The brown gunk in the photos is old grease - not rust.

I want to sell them if there is any value there. I don't even know what to ask but if someone here knows what they'd be worth and wants to make an offer please do. I'm not out to make money here.

Maybe it's about time to start riding again...........

repechage 05-29-11 05:45 AM

Probably $80. That said as I won an auction for similar not too long ago. The hubs are Record from the middle 80's probably 126 rear pacing. sad truth is the hub set and freewheel separate will most probably fetch more than as complete wheels. Shipping and risk of using a wheel with unknown history discount complete wheel prices often.

I think repacking them and gluing on a fresh set of tires after you scrape away the petrified glue is the way to go.

KONA1984 05-30-11 08:08 PM

Thanks for the advice repechage.
I think I will try to sell the local pick up only - NANAIMO BC CANADA.

The wheels were built by well known (in the local cycle community) back in the day. They're pretty solid and were built for a 176lb.+ guy (me) at that time. I will leave em as they are and if I get a response I will work out a good deal for the potential buyer. I have some dura-ace parts on the bike frame as well.....crank....break levers etc. Old stuff haha.....probably not worth much. I know nothing about the value of second hand bike parts.....only what I see on American Pickers.
They're not doing me any good and I'd rather see someone use them...........and not 'flip' them if you know what I mean.

KONA1984 06-01-11 12:17 PM's $50 for the hubs and wheels sound?

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