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Peacob 06-13-11 12:23 PM

86' Cinelli Pro Advantage
I bought this a year or so ago with no wheels, pedals, cassette ect... and in rough shape. I sourced out all original campy and cinelli parts and cleaned her up a bit.. new cabling, bar tape, and cardiff saddle as well.

What is has:
Campy throughout
Bullseye pink hubs (very rare from what i'm told) matched to mint campy hoops
Shimano 600 seat post
Campy headset
mks gr-9 pedals
Columbus SLX tubing
original campy hoods ect
cinelli bars and stem
regina cassette

bike is 58-59cm i believe

Was wondering what its now worth, looking for ballpark


Peacob 06-14-11 08:44 AM

no one?

P4D 06-14-11 09:47 AM

My guess is that the funky off- angle shots aren't letting those who might know really assess the frame.

Peacob 06-14-11 11:22 AM

yeah might be so, was more or less trying to get pictures of the components. I'll take some more shots later today

Beach Comber 06-14-11 11:24 AM


Peacob 06-14-11 11:49 AM

cant really be suprised considering its out of the 80's

TugaDude 06-16-11 06:48 PM

I'll dive in. I would say probably around $750.00 or so. I saw a Cinelli recently, and the owner was asking around a grand for it. It had full Campy/Cinelli and unique leather saddle/bar combo. That and the chrome lugs made it very desireable. Had Mavic rims and Campy hubs.

The only thing I'd change on your ride is the seatpost. I love Shimano 600, but it doesn't "go" with that build. Try to find a Campy seatpost, aero or otherwise.

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