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Michael Shaw 06-13-11 10:45 PM

Appraise my Raleigh. too !!
Picked up this beast today: Advertised as a "rally bike".

In very good condition.

TI-Raleigh 20-30 frame,
seat stays wrap around seat tube,
big frame: 65cm (25.5 inches) from crank centre to top of seat tube,
SunTout VT Deluxe derailleurs,
Normandy hubs with Rigida rims,
SR Apex crank.

Bars are alloy and appear to be original equipment - etched with Raleigh name & designs.

Any idea of the date & value ?


TugaDude 06-14-11 07:32 AM

Most likely late '70's. Heavy and unfortunately fairly low value, especially with the modifications. Hurts the value to certain collectors. Probably $120.00 or so around home.

wrk101 06-14-11 11:37 AM

Big size, steel rims and bottom end 2030 frame = low value. If you have some spare drops, levers, and alloy wheel set, you could upgrade that bike significantly market wise, but that only makes sense if you have free/near to free parts.

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