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yesterdaysgodde 06-14-11 04:05 PM

S12S Ltd Fuji Touring Bike, 1980
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My dad bought himself a new bike this year and we are looking to sell his old one. It is a Fuji bike S12S Ltd which he bought in 1980.
It is in excellent condition and has been treated with love. It has brand new tires. Other than that, all the parts are original, and the gears and brakes are in great working order.
It has 18 speeds and also a small metal carry rack.
I was wondering if anyone has an idea how much this might be worth! I have been trying to look around and I'm seeing prices from 100 to 700.

wrk101 06-14-11 07:45 PM

$700? Where? Post a link, I would love to see that one!

If you want an estimate on your bike, you will need to post pictures, as it is all about condition. You will need quality pictures anyway, to sell it anywhere near full market.

yesterdaysgodde 06-15-11 09:31 AM

Pictures are up!! Oh, and this guy is selling his for $750. But of course he's saying he's rebuilt the whole thing, so I have no idea.

wrk101 06-15-11 12:36 PM

Not selling, thats what he is asking. He will have to hook a real sucker to get that price.

Your bike looks really good, around here, $325 assuming it is ready to ride. Need to take pictures from the drive side of the bike, thats where all the "action" is.

yesterdaysgodde 06-15-11 01:21 PM

It is ready to ride, my dad was riding it around earlier this month but he ended up buying a new bike because he's riding the Pan Mass.
I can definitely take some more pictures. Where is a good place to sell bikes at that kind of price? I was thinking ebay, but any other recommendations?

wrk101 06-15-11 04:33 PM

Do you have ample positive feedback and experience packing a bike? $300 bikes I tend to sell locally, CL. eBay is not worth the hassle, until you get up in price. I tend to sell components on eBay, and complete bikes on CL.

And eBay is the land of variance. You will see a bike like yours go for $500, and get pretty excited. Then yours will go for $100. I've been able to buy some bikes that way on eBay, paid $20 for a nice Univega, that I sold locally for a nice profit.

yesterdaysgodde 06-16-11 08:19 AM

Great advice, that will be much easier for me anyway. Thank you so much!

cycleheimer 06-16-11 08:39 AM

Probably should keep's a great bike!

Otherwise, depending on market, you can try about $275.


Catalog page:

a) It is an 18-speed... triple chainwheel with 6-speed cluster in the back. This had to an upgrade, and is what the standard S-12-S came with.
b) It has bar end shifters...nice for touring.
c) Double butted chrome molybdenum frame tubing

jeepr 06-16-11 11:53 AM

Touring bikes are selling pretty good around me. Probably in the 250-300 range for one like yours.

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