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BeetsAndBears 06-16-11 03:46 PM

anyone familiar with Biscayne road bikes?
currently looking to buy this 1 from craigslist for 250$:

wrk101 06-16-11 06:08 PM

Image no worky.

RunningPirate 06-16-11 06:24 PM

Hi Beets -

+1 on the images not working.

I am familiar with Biscayne as I own one (a "Lazer"). These appear to be a private brand that was built by Merida and sold by The Off Ramp (one shop is in Mountain View, CA, the other is in Santa Clara, CA). Mine was sold as a mountain bike, but it has closer to a cruiser geometry (lots of trail on the front). Overall, not a bad bike...not mind-blowingly great, but not bad. Mine came with lower-end Shimano derailleurs (mine has 200GS, but I recently saw one with SIS) - after 20 years, the derailleurs work fine, but I had to replace the trigger shifters as they were non-op (I later learned that these merely needed to have dust and gunk cleaned out of them and they would have worked fine). It has a 4130 frame, so not bad, but not exactly light - with rack and fenders it weighs in at ~35#. I was impressed with the fact that there were rack braze-ons on the seat stays - a nice touch. There are non-sealed bearings on the wheels and bottom bracket - but these seem to work fine. Mine was fitted with a Biopace triple, but I've seen some with non-Biopace. After mine hung in my friends garage for 10 years, I overhauled it and am now using it as a commuter bike and it does the job quite nicely - in fact, it's somewhat enjoyable to ride.

Not sure the age or condition the one you are looking at is, but I bought mine in 1992 for ~$225 or so, if I remember correctly, so $250 seems to be somewhat steep. Also, I'm not sure I'd consider it "Classic" or "Vintage".

Hope this helps!

BeetsAndBears 06-16-11 07:20 PM

updated link, only got 1 picture to show. i think pricing is because i'm in the san jose area, road bikes seem to be in high demand

Guilou 06-16-11 07:22 PM


curbtender 06-16-11 07:31 PM

Looks like it was single speed at one time. Missing rear brake. I think you could do better for $250.

RunningPirate 06-16-11 11:25 PM

Thought it was this one.....

For $250, you could do better. I didn't even notice the lack of rear brake. It does look like it has a Brooks Saddle on it, but that does not justify the price...

wrk101 06-17-11 04:58 AM

Thats a real dog. Look harder.

BeetsAndBears 06-17-11 09:10 AM

he's agreed to drop it to 200, also the frame is 50cm

curbtender 06-19-11 09:42 AM

Not sure on your size or ability to travel, but this is a nice deal...

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