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ddashoff699 06-28-11 11:15 PM

Is this Sprite 27 bike worth the asking price? I need help!

I am looking for a decent bike to commute to college with and would like to know if this is a decent price for the bike listed. ($170 at least)

A little research tells me these were low-end bikes. What does that mean for me? I'm not an expert on bikes, but find the look of it irresistible.

How nicely do they ride? What should I know about them? He said that is is a mid-70's model and needs new tires.

Would it be more trouble than its worth? Some sites say they aren't worth more than $50, while others give them two thumbs up.

Thank you for your time, David

randyjawa 06-29-11 03:14 AM

Vintage Bicycle Value, and the determining of it, is always a crap shoot. There is just no way to tell how much a bicycle will fetch when people are asked to put their money up.

Low end and high end might not be appropriate designations for bicycles like the Sprint. It is a nice enough riding bicycle, rock stable but slow in response. The brakes are certainly adequate, but nothing compared to today's modern brake systems.

The bicycles are becoming thief magnets, for what ever that is worth.

Decide what the bicycle is worth to you. If it is in nice cosmetic condition and working properly, then a 170 dollars is not all that much to pay. To that add the cost to ship the bicycle to you, if there is any shipping costs involved.

On the other hand, if you want to get a bike for a lot less, spend a bit of time leaning How To Find A Vintage Bike. I do this all the time and get an awful lot of bikes each year, including two of these lovely old Raleigh roadsters...

Hope this is a help

wrk101 06-29-11 05:13 AM

1. Yep, this bike is low end/entry level. Going to be very heavy.

2. Although the frame paint looks great, this bike needs work, a lot of work. And the frame has some scrapes on it, so the paint is not perfect. And look at the rusty rear derailleur (seller conveniently cropped the picture, I don't trust this guy). Needs tires, cables, bearings and grease.

3. Cheap components, steel rims, cottered crank, looks cool. You decide.

septacycles 06-29-11 03:12 PM

You will get a better deal locally on craigslist than bidding on a vintage bike sight un seen on ebay. where are you located?

ddashoff699 06-29-11 08:17 PM

I live in Highland, California.

I have decided, thanks to Randy Jawa (thank you so much for that link) and the rest of you, to not get the bicycle.

I will do all that I can to inquire around the neighborhood and local neighborhoods about old bikes they would be willing to give away or sell for cheap.

I would still die for a nice vintage bicycle, though.

Thank you all again.

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