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DavidW56 06-30-11 10:46 PM

Schwinn Duo Sport tandem
It's a 1989 Schwinn Duo Sport tandem. Seller is asking $300 obo. Worth it? Previous threads on the Tandem forum peg the original price at $1200-$1400. I've never ridden any tandem before.

I am selling a late 80s schwinn tandem road bike. Nearly every piece os original. Bike is in amazing shape, rides smoothly, and shifts perfectly. I'm asking 300$ obo. Text me if interested. My name is eli xxx xx xxxx

Here is the catalog page:

wrk101 07-01-11 04:53 AM

Sounds reaonable.

bikemanbob 07-01-11 05:41 AM

I saw that one. If I was in the market for a tandem, I would consider it. Good luck!

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