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rrotello 07-07-11 02:02 AM

Just picked up a Sentesi, never heard of it but saw columbus tubing and shimano 105 groupo so for the price it seemed to be a steal. I was hoping anyone could shoot me any info on this bike I haven't found any threads on BF. Ill post some pictures not too detailed but I should have some that are soon.


tugrul 07-07-11 08:43 AM

Well, there is at least one on BF: Sintesi Competizione?

rrotello 07-07-11 12:03 PM

Originally Posted by tugrul (Post 12892353)
Well, there is at least one on BF: Sintesi Competizione?

I figured, late night post lead to a misspelling. Thanks

alyoung90 11-18-13 01:28 AM

Hey I was just wondering if you still have your sintesi competizione. I had one a while back, but it was stolen from me while I was off to college (came home to find that the people I kept it with did not take care of it :mad:). Of course, I'm not asking for it back, just curious if it is indeed that one so I can stop looking. It has a scratch mark down the side of the decal.

rrotello 11-22-13 09:19 PM

I do still have it, I will step into the garage tomorrow. Any other details I should look for?

alyoung90 11-27-13 10:14 PM

I cannot remember any other specifics other than the ones you listed. I believe it had suntour brake levers on it, but other than that, the mark on the decal should be a straight line.

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