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MetinUz 07-10-11 11:33 PM

Custom track frame
I bought this bike many years ago from a bicycle shop employee in Minneapolis. He could not remember who the builder was, but was supposedly a Minnesota framebuilder. I have not used it much, but would like to either sell or restore it.

As you can see, the frame was clearly built with a lot of attention to detail. Its brazing is as good as any I have seen. First, do you have any idea who the builder may be? Second, what would be a fair selling price? I also have Campy SR track pedals to go with it, not shown. If I decide to sell, should I sell the frame only, as the parts seem to be a mish mash?

NooBicycle 07-11-11 12:55 AM

Post this on the forum at There are a couple of posters who are fabricators and one of them may know who made the frame, or in fact made it themselves.

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