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norskagent 07-11-11 04:31 AM

Colnago - is this a deal?
Hard to tell the parts from the pics, also is this era colnago well regarded?

wrk101 07-11-11 06:03 AM

Great example of trying to sell a higher end bike in a local market. Assuming it is in good, clean condition, looks like a deal to me. At least around here, trying to get close to market pricing out of higher end bikes is just about impossible. When I bought my Colnago off the local C/L, it sat on there for two weeks. Guy could have sold the frame on ebay for quite a bit more than what he sold the bike for. Local, high end, Hooterville = way below market. Whether Raleigh market is "Hooterville", I really don't know.

If it lasts a week on your C/L, then Raleigh should join the Hooterville club. Based on a quick check of the Raleigh C/L, I think this bike will sell in a couple of days.

irvri 07-11-11 08:19 AM

Definitely looks like a good deal and the frame looks like it's in great shape. You could probably make your back selling just the frameset on ebay.

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