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dizzyskull 07-17-11 02:13 AM

1962 Schwinn Corvette 5-speed Need help whats it worth
I picked up this schwinn corvette 5-speed a week ago. thought it was kinda cool lookin in funky way. Anyways, does anybody know something about these and what there worth?
I've looked on the web and cannot find anyone selling one like that except for a bike dealer on the east coast and they are asking for a bundle of money for it. I just don't believe it is a real post or the guys out of his mind.
that being said, here's the bike condition
all there except the head badge, after that it 100% original, frame paint has some scratches and surface rust, rims took to a shine well, shifter is there and derailer works well. seats not damaged. really just needs a good scrubbing
hope there's some tips,suggestions, ideas, knowledge out there

bgross 07-17-11 05:03 AM

It's only worth what you can get someone else to pay for it.
In the condition that you describe, you'll likely spend far more $ restoring it than you could ever get selling it.

However, if it has sentimental/family value... it's priceless -- to you.

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