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Rofldood 07-23-11 11:56 PM

Vintage Nishiki Road bike
I have been looking around Craigslist lately for my first road bike and have been noticing a lot of vintage bikes that are under my $200 price range. One of the ones I wanted to know about was this one:
It is a 59cm frame, which I have been told should be big enough for me, 6'3. This bike is being sold for $80, any input on whether or not it should be further looked into?

wrk101 07-24-11 05:45 AM

Google bike sizing, I think that bike is way too small for you.

Around here, $80 bikes on C/L don't last long enough for a "Hey is this a good deal?" posting, even on a basic bike like this one.

Gthoro 07-24-11 08:11 AM

I'm 6'4" and wouldn't consider a 59cm frame. I prefer 63-64 cm frames. That being said everyone is different, but if I were you I'd aim for 61 - 65 cm.

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