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greendreamer 08-04-11 11:41 PM

Bianchi Sport story? When and where might it be from?
I bought a Bianchi Sport out of a garage this past weekend for $50. I'll be using this as a secondary bike. I may use it for triathlons as my primary bike is a recumbent.

Here are some photos:

I'm thinking it's from 1989 based on some information from alanbikehouston in this thread ( What do you think?

Also, this bike is way lighter weight than I would expect from a steel frame.

The components seem like an odd mix to me. Shimano 607(?). The brakes, Dia-Compe. Suntour thumb shifter. Bianche Selle Italia saddle.

What is the deal with the handle bars?

Would this have likely been made in Japan? What is the difference between the Sport and the Sport SX and the Sport Limited? Which would this one be?

And, for kicks, how much would I try to sell it for if I got tired of it?

Bianchigirll 08-05-11 07:08 AM

Hello Greendreamer, welcome to the forums. based on the decals and the color you bike bike is older an '87 or older (oh also depending on location)

the mix of parts shimano and suntour was common in hte mid '80s. a Sport was a lowerend recreational model while a Sport SX was a sport model indended to be used for training commuting things like that. I believe the Sport models died out in '84ish and the Sport SX came out at the higher level

where are you and what are the model names on the parts? also the bars, brakelevers, and thumbshifters were added at somepoint.

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