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blilrat 10-16-11 03:54 PM

Late 80s Puch Mistral value
I am looking to buy a Puch Mistral listed for $220, but can't find a lot of info about price. Can anyone tell me if this is a deal or what I should pay?

It has dura-ace components and the owner says it is in good ready to ride shape. Does anyone know much about these bikes?

thanks for any info

FastJake 10-16-11 06:15 PM

Full Dura Ace?? Better move quick, it might be gone by now. I'd pay $220 if it fit me.

blilrat 10-17-11 11:40 AM

I went to take a look at it and it has a mishmash of parts. Dura Ace RD and FD, 105 shifters and brake levers, shimano 600 brakes, mismatched brake pads from front to rear, Walmart Gel seat and platform pedals and needs a tuning - one brake pad wasn't even touching the rim when the brakes were applied. The bike rode nicely, but nothing that would ever be collectible with all the missing parts. I made an offer that was rejected - is this bike really worth $220?

FastJake 10-17-11 06:42 PM

Nah, it's good you passed. Sounds like the seller was trying to pawn off all his unwanted parts on that bike and using the DA derailers as a hook. I would've passed too.

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