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Olmo4Sale 10-24-11 07:09 PM

Olmo Nuovo Super Sprint
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Hello, my dad is past his cycling years and wanted me to try and sell one of his old bikes. It's an Olmo Nuovo Super Sprint, probably 1981, and he says that all components are Campagnolo except for the pedals. It's been lightly/infrequently ridden and is in good shape. I've added some pictures and will try to answer questions anyone might have.

If anyone knows what this might be worth or what the best way of selling a bike like this is please let me know.[IMG]http:...s/IMG_1920.jpg[/IMG]
Having a little trouble with the photo uploader. I tried using outside image hosting sites but then the photos show up too large in the post. Will try and get up more photos if there's interest.

FastJake 10-24-11 07:38 PM

The photos you posted appear to be working, but you'll need more of them (and better quality ones) to expect to sell the bike for a good price.

Advice: take the bike off the wall, and get some pics of the whole bike. The driveside (right side, not the side you posted), then some closeups of stuff like the crankset, derailers, or whatever you feel looks good.

What's the frame tubing? Any bike with full Campy in good shape is worth at least $300-$400. Beyond that we need more info to pin down a real value.

wrk101 10-24-11 07:48 PM

+1 To get close to full value depends on your marketing skills: pictures, preparation of the bike (cleanliness), full description, and so on. Most bikes sell for less than market value. Its tough to get full value.

Olmo4Sale 10-24-11 08:24 PM

I'll put up some better photos tomorrow.

wrk101 10-24-11 08:42 PM

Originally Posted by Olmo4Sale (Post 13408734)
I tried using outside image hosting sites but then the photos show up too large in the post. Will try and get up more photos if there's interest.

On selling, the two typical choices are ebay or Craigs List. Either requires high quality hosted pictures, the bike needs to be spotlessly clean, and a great ad. Short cuts in bike and ad prep = will sell at a discount. Ebay requires shipping the bike, so many buyers are cautious unless you have a great track record as a seller. C/L is limited to local buyers, so depending where you live, the better bikes don't bring full market (lower end bikes do fine on C/L, as buyers are not factoring in the cost of shipping).

FWIW: I always compress my pictures first before uploading them to a hosting site. Typically, one of my pics as is will be between 1 and 2MB. I compress them to document size, brings them down to 200 to 300kb. Not sure if it really helps or not, it certainly saves me space on my free flickr account (go over the limit, and you have to pay for the site). I cannot tell the difference in the quality of the details. Its a lot more about how good of a picture I take to begin with.

Typical compressed pic:

FastJake 10-24-11 08:48 PM

+1 on compressing pictures. They take up less space and load so much faster on whatever website you're using. Another example:

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