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bikemanbob 11-03-11 10:00 AM

Dawes Kingpin Folding Bike
Thanks in advance for any help!

The paint is in good condition, but the bike needs overhauled. I don't suspect it is worth much, but I would appreciate any help as to value. I don't know much about the bike, but hopefully the pictures will make-up for my lack of knowledge. I'm checking into value on behalf of a customer.

randyjawa 11-04-11 05:55 AM

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Vintage folding bicycles are tough to sell. There seems to be no market for them - anywhere! I let this BSA Twenty go for ten bucks but it did cost the buyer $85.00 for shipping and handling...

I have two Raleigh Folders sitting in The Old Shed and one Olmo. I should get ride of them and free up three storage hooks...

bikemanbob 11-04-11 07:50 AM

Thanks Randy! Your estimation is about what I thought. The bike is not mine--I was just trying to help another person. Your words only confirm what I already said to the owner. Thanks again!

TouringPJD 12-07-11 12:11 AM

If the Dawes bike is still for sale, I am interested. Thank you

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